Five Simple Bathroom Decorating Ideas


Decorating the bathroom can be done even when working on a shoestring budget. The five décor ideas a simple option that you can consider trying if you have a very tight budget. They are assured of transforming your bathroom making it look and feel bigger and more relaxing place to do clean up and unwind. The ideas have no re-plumbing involved.

1. Revamp Up The Walls
Giving the wall a new look is possible using a bit paint. Painting the wall is quick and offers a huge change. Finding the perfect paint and deciding on the ideal painting regarding detailing (texture and color) can be boring, as such, consider having a friend tag along to help you make the best choices. Do consider working with light-hued paints that make your bathroom look bigger and brighter than its former status. Light shades of green, blue, or purple are an excellent choice; they create a relaxing and tranquil feeling.

2. Add Another Mirror
Mirrors are also a great way of making the room look twice its normal size. Moreover, they help brighten up the space by reflecting natural light. You can place a mirror above the sink and another on other side directly opposite the sink.

3. Swap The Fixings
If you have an old bathtub, consider giving it some touchups as opposed to taking it down and installing a new one. Conversely, take out all the temporary fixing such as shelves, toilet roll holder, hooks, towel rails, soap racks, door knobs, and others that do not require any plumbing and install new ones. Do glass shelves with silver finishing and work with silver fittings that will give your bathroom a modern look.

4. Re-Grouting And Re-Polishing
The first place that gets some damage is the protective seal between the edge of the shower or bathroom and the wall. The seal may crack or break and look very unsightly, yet it only needs a simple fix. Just scrape off the old grouting, vacuum the dust, and re-grout the place. It will keep the bath from moving and will also be an excellent option when re-polishing the floor.

5. Change The Fabrics
Changing the drapes and shower curtains is another fantastic option that many people do not consider as a bathroom decoration idea. The entire objective is to inject as many new elements as possible while still working a bit of the old. So, new drapes, shower curtains even rugs can help complement your efforts and give the desired results.

The bathroom decor ideas are inexpensive, simple and will transform your bathroom.